Effective 1st July 2020

$8.00 col.cm plus GST

$6.50 col.cm plus GST

Prime Positions:
Front Page
9cm high x 19.5cm wide $320 + GST
9cm high x 6cm wide $140 + GST

Back Page Solus
Half page 18cm high x 26cm wide $450 + GST


Text Adverts (no border or logo)
For Sale, Accommodation, Personal, Gardening, Pets, Lost & Found, Wanted To Buy, Trades etc
Minimum $13.60 + GST for 16 words

Classified Display (advert with a border and logo)
$6.50 col.cm + GST

Trade & Service Directory
$32.00 + GST per insertion
Ideal for all trade advertisers - builders, plumbers, painters etc